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Uncertain times call for courageous and adaptive leadership.  


This high-impact masterclass is designed to help companies, organizations, governments and individuals develop the leadership needed to solve pressing social, environmental and developmental issues. 


At a time when the world is grappling with the uncertainty of COVID-19, spiking social unrest, increased nationalism, and a weakened global economy, we're committed to helping 100,000 emerging leaders develop the grit needed to sustain the political and social pressures of creating change. 

To ensure our work is radically inclusive and accessible to all, the courses are donation based.

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The Harvard-designed Outrage to Action: Adaptive Leadership and Change Management Masterclass equips current and emerging leaders with the mindset, frameworks, and tools to navigate uncertainty and lead systemic change on critical development and community challenges. 

This high-impact Masterclass draws on real-life examples of current global issues to help leaders across diverse industries better understand how to navigate challenges to maximize their impact. 

Together, we explore new mental models to develop the resilience needed to sustain the political and social pressures of creating change. The training is committed to unlocking the potential for bold leadership that the world desperately needs around the social justice and development.


  • Understand your own passion and expertise to maximize your impact

  • Efficiently diagnose a failure or problem

  • Successfully challenge and overcome roadblocks

  • Build successful alliships and partnerships

  • Successfully understand and navigate opposing perspectives

  • Influence and change a system

  • To survive and thrive with pushback, criticism and uncertainty 

  • Unpack unlocked impact opportunities and achieve tangible impact outcomes

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HAZAMI BARMADA  |  Facilitator

Hazami Barmada is a social innovator recognized by Forbes as an “inspirational agent of change.” She has consulted dozens of leading global brands (including the United Nations) on strategic social impact. She has a Masters in Public Administration from Harvard University where she was a Fellow in Public Policy and Management, and taught Adaptive Leadership. Hazami is a Presidential Leadership Scholar.


The Harvard-designed Masterclass, based on Harvard University’s globally renowned leadership framework and academic theory, is adapted to real-life application based on over a decade of experience at the United Nations and leading global movements. The Masterclass, founded by Harvard Graduate and Teaching Fellow, Hazami Barmada, is taught by Harvard-trained advocacy and leadership experts.


  • Leadership theory and global best practices (Adaptive Leadership, Authentic Leadership, Change Management Theory, Negotiations, Human Centered Design, Applied Systems Thinking)

  • Hands on coaching and tailored training based on real-life applications from participants in the class

  • Tools and resources to implement immediate change


  • Online and fully virtual (on zoom)

  • Requires no preparation or previous experience

  • Fully interactive (coaching)

  • Space for facilitated group reflections and learning



We are living in a time that requires bold leadership from citizens, communities, governments and businesses -- together. This masterclass is designed for the every-day person who is passionate about making tangible change and is struggling to figure out how. People from any background, industry, or experience level can apply the teachings of this Materclass to their unique advocacy and cause. This training is (currently) in English and is open to people 14+ years of age.


  • You will join a global community of other inspiring change agents who have taken the masterclass and are eager to collaborate. 

  • We provide you with a workbook with summaries of teachings and resources so you can continue your leadership journey


Many global systems are failing. Human rights violations are prevalent. People continue to face discrimination. Poverty and hunger are spreading. And domestic violence continues to thrive worldwide. The list of global issues goes on. With all of this, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and powerless, or to feel anger and not know how to best channel it. Our training is designed specifically to help you channel your frustrations and harness the power of your untapped leadership. We are eager to train leaders that are invested into creating a better world and systems that are fair and just. We’ll teach you how to challenge assumptions, explore new mental models and develop the grit needed to sustain the pressures of creating change. All we need you to do is to show up.



The Masterclass, personalized coaching, and access to a global leadership community is valued at $899.99 USD. To help sustain our work, and ensure our coaches and team are paid a fair wage, we ask that at the end of the Masterclass, you consider making a donation based on the value you got out of the class (no pressure, this can be as much or as little as you are able). This honor-system will help us ensure that we live up to our values in creating a world based on equality, trust, and fair access all. 


If you aren’t taking the Masterclass, you can still invest into providing change agents opportunity to further their impact. Please unlock human potential and make a donation here.




This Masterclass clearly frames the future of leadership in the world. It's adaptable not only to cause-driven initiatives but for-profit businesses, government, raising a family, and any day-to-day dealings. Beyond a lesson in leadership, this is a course every human must do to understand and contribute meaningfully to the world around them.


This masterclass was great. I have some really useful tools to take away, many questions and ideas, and most importantly had the opportunity to brainstorm with lovely people from all over the world about progressing humanity.


This Masterclass answers the seemingly paradoxical riddle, of how do you bring together opposite sides to create systemic change in a world where acknowledging alternative views can be seen as a betrayal to your cause.



Companies, organizations, governments, and institutions that are struggling to build programs that will create tangible change in our current climate, can participate in a custom built Masterclass course that increases employee engagement and social impact. Contact us and we'll begin designing your experience.


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This Masterclass is provided by the Humanity Lab Foundation, a US-based not-for-profit organization dedicated to unlocking human potential to change the world. The Humanity Lab Foundation is providing this training to 100,000 change-agents through the Be The One Campaign, launched in partnership with Warner Music and the United Nations. Intended to build on the commitments of the ambitious United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda (“SDGs”), which drew on the voices of millions of people prior to their adoption in 2015, Outrage To Action: Adaptive Leadership and Change Management Masterclass equips leaders with tools and resources to contribute towards solutions for the SDGs. 


#BeTheOne. Join the movement to unleash action.


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